Luxury Loo Hire
Information & Choices

There’s no escaping that loos are an essential part of any outdoor event, and it’s important to ensure you have adequate toilet facilities to minimize queues and ensure that the loos can cope with the number of guests attending. There are several options available to suit any need and we will be happy to talk you through these options at any time (but remember that people book up to 12 months ahead so it’s very important to have your needs understood, met and reserved as far in advance as possible for your peace of mind.

We have Various rates depending on unit size and numbers of days hired. We can also now offer an Attendant service. Please call us today for more information-no question is too small to answer.

Remember also that our Luxury Toilets are younger & more modern than most of the other providers in the Industry, and at typically no more than 12-18 months old we believe that you’ll find them 3-4 years younger than most. If you use an older ‘Luxury Toilet’ will it be suited to your exact needs?

The main choices are as follows. But again, feel free to call or e-mail us, if anything below is not clear.

Gold Service


This will meet the needs of up to 100 active people for 8 hours.

Gold is perfect for small outdoor birthday parties or charity events.


• 1 Ladies WC
• 1 Gent WC
• Handwashing facilities.


Platinum Service

Now you can meet the needs of up to 175 active people for 8 hours

Platinum is perfect for larger parties’ small festivals or corporate events.


• 2 Ladies WC
• 1 Gent WC and 2 urinals
• Handwashing facilities.


Diamond Service

With the needs met here for up to 250 active people for 8 hours you’re well covered for the largest events!

Diamond is perfect for larger parties, festivals or corporate events.


• 3 Ladies WC
• 1 Gent WC and 3 urinals
• Handwashing facilities.


Other important factors that you may want to consider are:

The first key factor to establish is the anticipated duration/length of hours of your event is to run for. Be aware of the anticipated alcohol and fluid/food consumption-is everyone eating and drinking at the same time and therefore needing the loo at the same time?

Next consider the Male/Female Ratio. Is the unit only available for short intervals/breaks? -there could be longer queues. Extra time should be given for children, elderly and infirm attendees. Is there overnight camping? Campers often brush their teeth and wash in the loos.Don’t forget adequate staff facilities as well as those for the guests.

Any of the above may result in extra toilets being needed.

Event Management 

As a rule, one disabled toilet is needed per 2,000 people to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act. Private events however do not legally require a disabled toilet unless you are aware of any guests with specific needs. Further independent advice on minimal scale for loos for public entertainment can be found on: The Purple Guide to Event Management.

Whatever your needs the management & staff of luxury toilet hire are here to make the process simple & stress free.
We know that you will not regret employing our profesional services & our regular repeat customers bear testimony to that.